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As the title implies, fun places to fly to eat, hang out, visit etc.

Petit Jean South

Just spent the weekend in Fredericksburg Texas with the RV group, started as a ad hoc post by Dan and Kaern, and ended up with about 30+ planes and a well organized series of events. T82 is a nice airfield and the Hangar Hotel is a cool place to stay. Lots to do in the area with museums, wineries, shopping, LBJ ranch etc. Place is a tourist magnet so population triples on the weekends.

Cudos to Dan and Karen, Fred and Judie, and Bill for a fun, low key weekend.

Great Hard–8 Barbecue Run

Doug Reeves posted about a potential run for the texas group to go to the Hard 8 Barbecue joint in Stephenville (weather permitting), well of course the news travelled and it was a great day to fly so a group of us from Oklahoma decided to participate Smile

Winds were great going down with a 40+ kt tail wind at 6500 ft and the flight (292 SM) only took about 1.5 hours burning 7.8 GPH

Seems everyone had the same idea as the place was packed with a long wait line. Had people fly in from Houston, Austin, DFW area, Ok city and Tulsa.