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Petit Jean South

Just spent the weekend in Fredericksburg Texas with the RV group, started as a ad hoc post by Dan and Kaern, and ended up with about 30+ planes and a well organized series of events. T82 is a nice airfield and the Hangar Hotel is a cool place to stay. Lots to do in the … Continue reading Petit Jean South

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LOP Operations

Have been chasing an occasional slight hesitation that does not happen on every flight and seems pretty random. With the the 0-360, dual slick mags and carburetor setup I have, I have been reading about leaning, accelerator pump issues, magneto issues (close to 500 hours), and the dreaded sticky exhaust valve problem. So far I … Continue reading LOP Operations

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GDL 82 Installed and checked out

Finished installing the GDL 82 and flew the test flight, unit worked flawlessly with zero data errors. Unit was more difficult to install than I anticipated mainly due to lack of space behind the panel, working upside down in the foot well of the cockpit, and the length of the unit with the connector (I … Continue reading GDL 82 Installed and checked out

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This is where I will comment on ongoing RV related stuff, currently waiting for delivery of the Garmin GDL 82 from Stein which I plan to install to meet the ADSB out requirements. If I can get it installed and checked by February 8th I can still qualify for the FAA $500 rebate. It should not be a big deal to install as I have space above the 327 transponder and can put the gps puck on the dashboard for now, I can then clean up the installation during the upcoming condition inspection.